The Arts Make an Impact

“Art must be life — it must belong to everybody”

Marina Abramović

The impact the arts, such as music, dance, theater, and painting can have on a person is unable to be measured. It is so important for people to have access to a place to learn, grow, and create art together. In small communities everywhere community theaters, art schools, dance programs, and other artistic organizations are changing people’s lives!

The Community School of the Arts

Marion Indiana

The Community School of the Arts (CSA) in Marion Indiana is one example of an organization using the arts to change people’s lives. Offering many classes including dance, music, acting, and visual art, they not only help people learn about and create art, but they bring art into the community so people all around can experience the magic of the arts. The opportunities CSA has/is giving people in their community are changing lives. Because of places like CSA, people have access to the arts and lives are being changed.

The Impact…

“In the arts, I’ve gotten the confidence to fully embrace the person that I am and found a passion for a career…”

Cambry Moore

“Theater has been my rock. New school, theater. Friends dumped me, theater. Bad day at school, theater. All my friends that have truly stuck by me have come from theater.”

Shaylee Vermilion

“The arts have helped give me a purpose and an outlet for expression. They allow me to truly be myself. They are a form of communication that can say things that words cannot”

Chali Moss

“The arts gave me confidence. Before theater, I was nervous and lied to make friends, but being on stage gave me the confidence to make friends and to be a good person.”

Elijah Crip

The arts have given me a mind of my own and shown me that if I think differently that is okay. I have also gained confidence, not just with my mind, but with the way I look and act.”

Emma Reel

Friends, confidence, an outlet, happiness, and a future are just a handful of gifts that the people above, and people everywhere, have received because they had access to the arts in their communities. The arts provide so much more than just a hobby or a bit of entertainment for people.

The arts means so many things to so many people…

In the video, above you hear the voices of people who have been involved in, or experienced the arts and been have been deeply affected by them. There are so many words to describe the effect the arts can have on lives, but to really understand it you need to experience it yourself!

The arts can change people’s lives. It is so important for communities to have access to the arts, whether they participate in making art through song, dance, performance, or visual arts, or if they just get to participate in viewing the arts. CSA is just one example of a community taking pride in the arts, and seeing the positive effects they have on people’s lives!